Bitchip – Introducing Bitchip – Why Invest in Bitchip?

Bitchip – Introducing Bitchip – Why Invest in Bitchip?
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About us

Bitchip a project compare 6 ecosystems, investment potential, profitable investor maximum. This video is a quick descriptions of the six ecosystems of the project.

Bitchip is a project start-up of companies DECENTRALIZATION exchanges LTD (known or understood as a project entrusted affiliated investment supermarket received DECENTRALIZATION transactions LTD). Was established on 31.03.2018 in the UK we are the supermarket include computer scientists and entrepreneurs to invest in startups in Israel to put Blockchain in finance and company, all members activities in the field of science and science, members Start-up globally compare the genius brain leading industry digital money and finance.

Why drag BITCHIP?

Bitchip should drag, Why? Because we are confident that a large and prestigious project, entrusted to community capital large generate profits steadily. We are proud to be the owner of the Most advanced science in the global today in the mining industry of digital money. Wonderful than you are provided a card Firmly be more than 10 currency liquidity digital (151 draw cash at ATMs National and payment of customer in the business or joint venture chain …).


Security platforms optimized with the Most advanced science currently blockchain. Simultaneous deployment cash flow mechanism perfect world time zone. With the policy pay for the connection member attracting, tightly. Combining Widely Used development strategy, shaping culture. Thereby providing the opportunity large possess Bitchip, digital currency is considered as the can potential in 2018.

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